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Water Damage

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Water damage – it’s something of a looming shadow over some properties, as it usually results in expensive repairs or renovations that can disrupt your life in a substantial way – so we’re proud to provide a service that deals with water damage in as straightforward and hassle-free a fashion as possible. Atlanta Drywall Service is the premier provider of water damage repair and prevention services across the Atlanta, Georgia area, and we’re certain that if you care about having a reliable and experienced drywall contractor available to take care of your property, we’re the only sensible choice for you. Find out more about this possible nuisance and what we can do to help you with it by reading on below.

Inspecting the Site

If you find a hole in your drywall or a scuff on the corner of the wall, it probably won’t take too much to figure out what the cause of the situation was – but things are totally different when it comes to water damage. With issues related to water, there can be a number of causes which aren’t always immediately obvious, and uncovering them can ultimately come down to professional experience. Finding out the root of the cause is just as important as actually making the fix – so as to prevent any damage from happening again. Our sheetrock experts will make all the necessary inspections to find out what the cause of the situation was.

Typical Causes

While water damage isn’t something that most people have to deal with at home, it does happen on a fairly regular basis. Water pipes can burst, flooding can happen, or perhaps there’s been a major spill in the interior of your home – whatever the reason, it’s important for you to act quickly and decisively if you plan on saving your wall. The more swiftly you act, the better your chances of resolving the situation without having to pay for a total replacement.

Possible Risks

If your drywall gets wet in a more substantial way, there’s a good chance that it will need to be replaced. Sections which are affected tend to hold water for a long period of time, and it can be hard to remove the moisture even if you employ the use of comprehensive drying techniques. A wall that’s been affected by moisture could be structurally weakened, which can be a more serious concern. The other possibility is that you could have mold form, which could then spread across the general vicinity in the room and even across the rest of your property – and that’s the last thing you want to deal with.

Taking Measures

The best way to prevent water damage is to take preventative measures, but of course, things can go wrong, and in those cases you need help quickly. Our water damage rescue team will do everything possible to remove all moisture from the wall, and then they’ll determine if it’s salvageable. If it appears to be, we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure it’s structurally sound going forward. Likewise, if mold appears to be a possibility, our mold removal team will take charge. Naturally, if the drywall is pretty much hopeless, we’ll be able to replace it for you.

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